The Wellness Center in the Heart
of the Campolongo Resort

To rediscover the ancient scents of the mountain

The wellbeing is ancient times old, ancient as a breeze that carries the scents of the fields and of the earth during different seasons.

Here, in the mountains, we know very well that after the winter season a brew of dandelion leaves purifies the body and favors diuresis.

It is right from our ancient traditions that we bring the principles of wellbeing, it’s from the fields of our Highland
that we extract the essences for our “hay baths”.

the wellbeing
of your body

through the contact with natural essences

Hay Baths

Hay bath is truly a real immersion in the essences of fields of our Highland. They are prepared in a very special bath-tub, built and patented right here, just here in our mountains. The bath-tub lets off the steam at a constant temperature, that diffuses and favors the absorption of healthy substances through skin and while breathing.

The hay bath gives those who take it a feeling of physical wellbeing derived from a feeling of relaxation, as the effect of intense heat and the hydro-saline exchange induced by sweating; the skin becomes firm thanks to the stimulation of the peripheral circulation, and smooth thanks to the purification caused by the intense sweating and the absorption of the active principles from herbs. The hay bath is recommended for tension and muscular rigidity relieving; it’s recommended for the treatment of adipositis and the swollen lower limbs.

The treatment
with the brushes

is a very important beneficial ritual

The Brushes

Our skin represents a surface through which our body contacts with the world around us, and for this reason it should be protected and well treated. The treatment consists in a real massage of the skin with special brushes made with natural bristles. Thanks to this action the body is ready for further treatments. The brushing stimulates the micro circulation, tickles the nervous system and, apart from doing a light stimulating and exfoliating action, favors the penetration of beneficial substances, in case you’re going to have a hay bath later, for example.

All the beneficial effects
of the medicinal herbs

in a concentrate of extremely pure nature

The "Small Bundle of the Simple"

The “small bundle of the simple” has all the beneficial principles of the mountain herbs, known from our secular traditions. The substances are released to our body through a delicate massage that is called “ancient massage”. Every small bundle has micronized hay and medicinal herbs inside, and its application is particularly recommended for relieving cramps and muscular rigidity.

High level of professionalism
and the elevated quality of the products

the new wellness center of the Campolongo Resort

Wellbeing is also a synonym of professionalism, this is why the new wellness center of the Campolongo Resort is in constant search of the best products for the treatments prepared for its guests.

The center avails of the professionalism and experience of our cosmeticians, that will take care, step by step, of your wellness stay here at our Ski Resort.

The silence of the forests and the scent of wood,
for your natural wellbeing to discover.
The Resort of the Simple is waiting for you to experience a very special stay!

A Small but Grand SPA of the Resort

Our little SPA lodge

Here, in the mountains, we don’t throw away anything and here at the Campolongo Resort, we have lovingly renovated the little lodge at the back to create our SPA. We thought there couldn’t be a better place for a warm and
original space, to enjoy the calm and watch the snow fall or the fir tree branches tremble in the breeze of the spring.

Whether you stay for some days or some hours:

try it!

The Turkish Bath, the Sauna, the Hot Tub and the deserved rest in the Relax Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have never tried a sauna or a Turkish bath, this is exactly the right moment. Not only because these activities are a real heal-all for the health of the people of all ages, but because the sauna and the Turkish bath are able to regenerate our bodies physically and spiritually. And if it’s winter, we recommend a refreshing swim in the snow between the sessions: it’s something truly wonderful.

PS We, at Campolongo, believe in ecology and economic sustainability, and our sauna is powered by a fantastic wood stove with firewood from our forests.

Every good SPA has to have a relax room, where you can relax, rehydrate and rest between sauna sessions. The wellness room is all in wood and it was thought through in each and every detail: from the luminous wall with little salt bricks to the ergonomic sun chairs with fir tree slats.