The Campolongo Ski Resort

The warmth and the magic of an old chalet in the Alps

The Campolongo Ski Resort is an old chalet high in the mountains that, thanks to its recent renovation, has kept and even highlighted its typical architectonic characteristics of a highland dairy hut, like the stone walls and a big pitch wooden roof.

The Ski Resort is easily accessible following the large and comfortable road that, from the center of Mezzaselva di Roana, leads up to the Monte Verena. Immersed in a magic scene, the Campolongo Ski Resort is situated in the center of a small plain surrounded by the silent birch woods all wearing white.


A warm
and cosy

A coffee bar for a snack

The Restaurant

After a day spent in high mountains all you can desire is a lit fire and a hot meal, maybe a soup or, why not, a plate of steaming maize porridge accompanied by a nice mixed meat grill and a cheese plate, which is the king of the table, here at our place.

Campolongo Ski Resort is also a warm and cosy restaurant, where you can taste typical local meals and where it’s so nice to get together, just simply very nice.

And after dinner everybody
hit the hay!

A warm duvet and the scent of wood
of the rooms of Campolongo Ski Resort

The Rooms

Have you every experienced this warm emotion of sleeping in a highland chalet?

I’s probably the most relaxing sleep that there is: outside – the nature, the woods and the silence;;
inside – you, a warm duvet and a big room with all the comfort.

Good night!