Skiing – Snowshoes

100 km of ski rail along the Alpine dairy paths and the Great War paths, through the woods and enchanted places

Cross-Country Skiing
Centre Campolongo


Asiago Highland

is surely the kingdom of Cross-Country Skiing, snowshoes and snow hiking.

and the Cross-Country Skiing Center Campolongo represents one of the most fascinating areas of Veneto mountains.

The Campolongo Cross-Country Skiing Center

is situated in the northern part of the Highland, the one that Mario Rigoni Stern called the “high mountain” area.

Here, at an average altitude of 1.500 meters, it snows abundantly every winter and during long summer days you can enjoy the fresh and intense green of the woods.

The ski trails of the area

in a magnificent and impressive scene rising to view you can discover the places of the Great War that these mountains have seen, having been the leading character of the tragic events of 1915-18.

Going through woods and pastures surrounded by the green everywhere, you can reach the Highlands of Vezzena and Luserna (TN), their vast and breath-taking scene opens itself along the whirl of paths over 100 kilometers long.

Download the Campolongo Center map and save it to your device so that, while walking, you can take it always with you

347 2515930 – Ski School Campolongo

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… here we slide on the snow!

At the Campolongo Cross-Country Skiing Centre you can go sledding with ski-bobs
and inflatable rafts thank to the new tapis-roulant

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The newest
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Everything you need to spend a magnificent day in the snow

Easy and equipped routes

There isn’t a better way to discover the mountains, like those of the Asiago Highland, than doing cross-country skiing or walking in snowshoes.

From the Campolongo Resort you can access more than 100 km of paths and tracks, all equipped and easy to walk through, because they are quite even. Venturing with the skis into the fresh forests of Campolongo is a unique experience, to feel the magic of the nature and the depth of the history that is known to these mountains.

The Campolongo Resort has a highly equipped rental service for cross-country skiing and tours along the paths of the high-mountain routes.

To discover the high-mountain area in snowshoes

through the alpine paths of the Great War
and the paths of the high-mountain pastures

Off we go!

The large beaten paths, leading to the Alpine dairy huts and the sites of the Great War, allow you to discover the charm and the beauty of these mountains in the most magical, free and adventurous way: walking in snowshoes.